Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ghosts and Ghouls

Items found using the search terms "EtsyNJ Ghost"

1) Original gothic ghost painting, dark Victorian art by sarada 2) Giggly Ghouls - Ghostly Charm Earrings by madebymelissa 3) Ghost Pillar Candle by dragon06

4) Ghostly Glitter - Black by FromNancysHeart 5) Ghostly Georgia and Gregor by dictioncanary 6) Ghost Card by AJKArtistry

7) Silver Ghost Earrings with Pink Accents by Siarh 8) Ghostly Upcycled Vase by littlebitcrafts 9) CASSIE...The Friendly Ghost...Halloween Hair Clippie by KissableKreations

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