Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Introducing the EtsyNJ Street Team!

For those of you who are familiar with Etsy you may or may not know about street teams. Street teams are a group of sellers that come together and promote each other - these teams are based on a common interest - in this case, its sellers who live in the glorious state of NJ! This blog will feature two of my fellow EtsyNJ members - Kate from and Catherine from

Kate is a student at Rutgers University and calls herself a spontaneous crafter. She says "I began knitting and taking on other various forms of crafting about 3 years ago and have been obsessed with crafting ever since. I'm not sure how I lived happily without making things before that time."

Check out Kate's Black and White Skinny Scarf:

And while your shopping take a peek at Hooded iPod Cozy and Colorful Coffee Cozy!

One of the things Sweetyprize struggles with is whether the plural of scarf is scarves or scarfs. She makes a lot of scarf/ves so she needs to know. She makes them out of unique materials, reclaimed yarn and fabric, cassette tape! Reconstruction and rethinking objects is all over her shop: housewares, jewerly, accessories, clothing, paper goods. Check it out! is also a member of the Trashion street team, the Etsy Fiber Artists street team, and Old World Shoppes.

Check out Sweetyprize's Romantic Green doily Scarf w Flowers:

And while your there make sure you check out
Crocheted hat with cassette tape and Colorful round throw rug.

For more information on EtsyNJ visit the Yahoo group at and Flickr group photos at or simply search for EtsyNJ at Etsy.

Happy Shopping!!!

Written by: Made by Melissa