Monday, July 27, 2009

Put a bow on it!

Wrap it up, tie it up, dress it up and top it all off with a bow!

1)Pair of Pink and Blue Bow and Bear Hair Clippies by PlumDaisy 2) talia evening bag clutch in wild zebra with strawberry margarita pink bow by amarie 3) Lila- A Velvet Bow Brooch by NancyKnitsandStuff

4) The Ruffle knit cowl by Happiknits 5) 2 inch Twisted Boutique Hair bow by Bellezaeluce 6) Bow-tie Double Strand Swarovski Fireball Ivory Pearl Stretch Bracelet by VenetiaJewelry

7) Wedding Ring Bearer Bow Ties by Yinvivo 8) Tied with a Bow by FineArts827 9) Argyle Bows - Set of 2 Hair Clips by jtatmusic

Search EtsyNJ at for more great handmade gifts.

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