Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fresh Finds

Awesome newly listed items from EtsyNJ!

1) Starlette Pink Magenta Party Invitations by AnaStella 2) Wild Zebra Snap Clips For Toddler Girls by PlumDaisy 3) Sunny Yellow Washcloths by Madebymelissa

4) Wooden Mermaid Doll by thefairyring 5) Knit Cotton Yellow Baby Cocoon With Duck Blanket/Photo Prop by susanstreasures 6) Toddler Batik Flower Tee by SusanItkinBatik

7) Licorice and Donut Arousing Solid Perfume by urbbody 8) Turtle Onesies and Tees by beachchik 9) Frame Pouch - Farm Animals Sheep and Goat by fieldofroses


CreationsByRobin said...

Awesome new finds from the Garden State! Great choices!!

AnaStella said...

Thanks for listing our invitation! And donut scented perfume??? That sounds like a dangerously delicious proposition.