Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fruit Sensations

Strawberies, cherries, pears, oranges, oh my!

1) Tiny Strawberry Tote by TheToteTrove 2) Slice of Summer Set of 2 Chenille Burp Cloths by MissEmmasCloset 3) Needle Felted Mouse Friends by chimera

4) A Pair of Ripe Yellow Bartlett Pears in Dish (Original Photography) by yinvivo 5) Orange Print Messenger Bag by OrangeSliceArt 6) Fresh Crocheted Strawberries by CricketandBear

7) Oilcloth Lunch Bag-Blue with Cherries by copabananas 8) Scented Soy Pear Candle by berdandbee 9) Snozzberry Dollop by eluneth

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From Nancys Heart said...

Such a marvelous group of delicious and wonderful pieces of fruit!!

kate said...

Super cute. I love the strawberry tote.