Monday, April 28, 2008

More Fabulous FOJ Donations

The Friends of Joey benefit dinner and auction is tonight, and the
remainder of the donations are in! I've got quite a few donations left to
share with you, but I don't want to undermine their awesomeness, so I am
splitting up the remainder of the donations into two posts.

Where to start...

Well, from is this adorable matching headband and key fob set, made from a wonderfully rich and and exuberant fabric:

Yin of donated this eco-friendly tag set in every color of the basket theme! Go Yin!

And from is this adorable hand-painted trinket box. I love the intricate work that went into its design!

And finally, donates her uber cute and useful magnetic notepad in a fun and flowery tin...

Written by Kate


Made by Melissa said...

Fabulous work ladies!

Anonymous said...

Really nice work everyone! I'm so proud to have been part of this amazing cause. I hope we brought in lots of dough! :)


NJTomboy said...

Oooh really nice ladies... i love them!

(yes - NJTomboy is me... byABPryor) LOL

Purplelicious said...

Such a talented group! It felt really nice to donate something for a good cause! I hope the winner of the basket is enjoying all of their handmade items!

Kate said...

Hey! The winner was definitely thrilled w/the basket. She let me take a few shots of her w/it so I'll have them up soon.

idabble said...

Beautiful creations!