Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wooly Warmth

Its no secret that its FREEZING in the Garden State! Warm up with some wool creations!

1) Rosewood Wool Knit Scarf by susanstreasures 2) Mocha Knitted Cowl Neckwarmer with Vintage Glass Dragonfly Button Closure by seahorsedesigns 3) MASALA - Handspun and Handpainted Pure Merino by Pancake and Lulu

4) red felted bowl by nancyknitsandstuff 5) TRI-COLORED HAND KNITTED SCARF IN BURNT ORANGE, RED AND YELLOW by MarjoriesNook 6) Jewel Box Handpainted Merino Wool Top by chimera

7) Knitted Felted Handbag or Knitting Project Bag...Storm Clouds by katylua 8) THE ONE WAY SCARF by woolmountain 9) Winter White - Warm Knit Alpaca Cowl with Flower Brooch by whynot

10) Half Circle Cinch Purse / Bag / Clutch - Custom Order by artsiekat 11) Trina The Tropical Fish Stuffed Toy by CreationsByDanielle 12) Wool Felted Bead Necklace and Chain by CapriciousAdornments


trentongal said...

fabulous warm creations from the garden state!

Natasha Suter said...

It's an honor to be among these beautiful choices - thank you!