Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Sale - Carved in Stone Details

The sale will begin on Wednesday 11/25 and end at midnight on Monday 11/30. You can run yours longer if you like, but be sure to have your sale valid during those days.

Please edit your shop description to say "EtsyNJ Teamwide Thanksgiving Sale! Wednesday 11/25 - Monday 11/30 *my sale details* Please see for other participating shops or search EtsyNJ Thanksgiving Sale at" You may alter it, if you like, but make sure all the details are there. For example, if you are in the % off section, you need to specify your exact % off as its not noted in the list (also state if your items are already discounted or if you are issuing refunds), say if your free shipping is US only or worldwide, you can state what your free gift is if you so desire. etc. etc. etc....

Please tag at least your newest items with TWO tags "EtsyNJ Team" and "Thanksgiving Sale" You should already have the EtsyNJ tag, you can delete the Thanksgiving sale tag after the event ends.

Facebook Event Page: (invite everyone you know!)

Sale Image: feel free to put it wherever you like)

Twitter: The team twitter page is I'll tweet something about the sale on Tuesday and everyone can retweet or you can tweet your own info (in preparation for the sale, everyone who does Follow Friday on your Twitter, please add @etsynj to your list in hopes that we can get some more followers before the sale starts. I've managed to double our followers in the last two weeks, but I'll need some help to increase our followers even more) Main Page: This has all the shops as well as links to pages for each sale type.

I've emailed two text files containing HTML code for our blogs to the group. There is a long version and a short version. The long one contains ALL of the shops while the short one just contains links to the page. I will try to upload them to the Yahoo group at some point today. I have the long code set to publish on the team blog two days before the sale begins and I will likely republish it on the day the sale starts. I know you can set blogs to publish at a later date when using Blogger, I am not sure if its the same in other blog programs.

I've noted in all the text to tell buyers to put "EtsyNJ Thanksgiving" in the notes to seller, just so that we can track how many of our sales from that time frame are a result of our marketing/promoting or just random Etsy shoppers. The note to seller is not required for the sale, you should honor your sale for the entire time no matter what people put in the notes to seller (unless its vulgar, then you can do whatever you need to do)

Finally, I will need a volunteer to begin a thread in the Etsy forums next week promoting the sale and email that link to the group. Also, I'll need a commitment from several of you to babysit and bump the thread up over the course of the weekend. I will not be able to help with this.

There will be no more additions, edits or changes to the shop list, the deadline to submit was 11/16 (Monday) and I've accepted new additions up until yesterday. This is the FINAL-FINAL-FINAL list.

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