Friday, November 6, 2009

Gearing up for the EtsyNJ Team Wide Sale

Alrighty EtsyNJ teammates, it seems as though there is some confusion going on about this team wide sale.

Here are your options for promotions:
1) Free Shipping
2) 10-20% Off Entire Purchase (not including shipping)
3) Free gift with purchase
4) BOGO - buy one get one 50% off

Email or Convo Made By Melissa with the following info if you wish to participate:
Promo Category
Shop Name
Shop Link
BRIEF shop description (i.e. one sentence - "knit accessories" "sterling silver jewelry" "custom greeting cards")

So, it should look like this:
Free Gift with Purchase
Made By Melissa
Handmade Beaded Jewelry and Crochet accessories and Toys

I do not need to know what your free gift it, what your exact % off is, how you will be issuing refunds or if your items are already marked down in your shop. Save that for your own shop/blog/email fine print.

The deadline to submit your sale details is Monday, November 16. This will give me a full week to get a blog post set-up and formatted and emailed to everyone who would like to blog it.

The sale will run from Wednesday, November 25 (day before Thanksgiving) until Monday, November 30 at midnight (Cyber Monday).

I will need everyone's help in promoting - Etsy forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, direct email, etc, etc, etc.

Visit the poll to vote for the sale name, this will be used pretty much everywhere we will be promoting the sale. You will have to be logged into Yahoo in order to vote.

If there are any other questions or concerns, feel free to comment on the blog, email the group or email Made By Melissa directly.

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Made by Melissa said...

the poll for the sale name has been closed, the winner is EtsyNJ Thanksgiving Sale

Please tag your items "Thanksgiving Sale" (as well as "EtsyNJ Team" which you should already have as a tag)

Facebook Event Page: