Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Shop Local, We Shop EtsyNJ!

Here at EtsyNJ, we love each other! Not only do we help promote each other, offer advice on pricing, handling difficult situations, taking great photos and so much more, but we also support each other by shopping! Just take a look at some of the things that EtsyNJ members have bought from each other.

Capital City Crafts has been busy hearting items for Christmas gifts, but there are two very special things that just couldn't wait until Christmas time. First is AbbieRoad's Buy Handmade Hand Screen Printed Shirt

and then there are these Reese Wool Felt Bitty Blossom Hair Clips from littlepinkposies

Susan Itkin Batik bought this Set of 7 Crocheted Make-up Removers from Made By Melissa and she's loving them!

Made By Melissa also did her fair share of shopping! She picked up some cool keyfobs from PurpleLicious:

And this cool bright blue hooker tote bag from TrashedClothing:

And last but not least, this Warm Vanilla Bean Vegan Whipped Body Frosting from Lollibomb:

But perhaps no one has supported more fellow EtsyNJ shops than Creations By Danielle! She has purchased from an amazing 8 shops! She started shopping last Halloween with these cute candy corn earrings from Made By Melissa:

Then she bought this Woodlands Bracelet from Creations By Robin:

and this tasty Curry Popcorn Kit from What's Eating Yin:

and these unique shell earrings from LizArti:

and who can forget this tasty chocolate lovers sampler pack from Lollibomb:

and these Mother-of-Pearl Earrings from Marcinyc:

This Kensington Fabric Headband is just one of Danielle's purchase from PurpleLicious:

And possibly saving the best for last, this custom Lucky Golden Elephant by LaDZeiner:

Wow! EtsyNJ members really take pride in each other and we take the Handmade Pledge seriously! Way to go team!!

Do you want to support EtsyNJ too? Click here to check out all EtsyNJ members! Did you buy something from EtsyNJ? Do you absolutely love it and want to share it with the world wide web? Simply send a convo to Made By Melissa and we'll feature it and your shop link on our blog!


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog, Melissa! GO ETSY NJ!
Yes, I do have a problem with buying too much but it's all from great sellers, who could resist! :)


Anonymous said...

Great post! I'll have to get my shopping list together...

AbbieRoad said...

wow, thanks for including me! What a surprise when I loaded this page to see the pic of my little sister in my Buy Handmade shirt! Hahah!

I'll have to get my camera out and show off some of my NJ finds too!


Made by Melissa said...

ha-ha, Abbie, your sister is famous now!

I have sooooo many EtsyNJ things hearted right now. I can't wait to see everyone in person at all of the upcoming craft shows!

Mixed Media Etsy Team said...

I'm lovin' all the items! Thanks Danielle and Kim (Vowteras) for supporting my little popcorn stand! There is a 3rd NJ customer, but I'm sending her the pack today!

Mixed Media Etsy Team said...
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Anonymous said...

Popcorn was delicious Yin!
I have to find my things...I got lip balm from an EtsyNJ seller urbbody, seahorse earrings from jewelryforfun...Oh and I too got my scrubbies from Made By Melissa...I love them. :)
I love a whole lot of things that Etsy NJ makes.
luv, Kim (Vowteras) aka beachchik

Kitty said...

Rockin awesome! I am a recently joined EtsyNJ-ian, so I haven't had a good chance to check out my fellow shops. But who knows! Maybe I've bought EtsyNJ before without even knowing it!! And I'm sure to check em out int he future! GO NJ :)