Monday, September 15, 2008

We Shop Local, We Shop EtsyNJ, Part 2

Here at EtsyNJ, we love each other! Not only do we help promote each other, offer advice on pricing, handling difficult situations, taking great photos and so much more, but we also support each other by shopping! Just take a look at some of the things that EtsyNJ members have bought from each other. You'll recall from this post a few weeks ago, that we are our own best customers. Here's even more EtsyNJ love!

LizArti was so excited about her first 100 hearts (as she should be) that she celebrated by purchasing this necklace from Karin's Creations:

She also couldn't resist this vintage snowflake brooch from Made By Melissa and snapped it up instantly!

And she's really happy that she did!!

I'm sure you remember all the EtsyNJ shops that Creations By Danielle has supported, well, amazingly, here is one more!! Danielle bought these two barrettes from orchidsdream and here's what she has to say about that purchase: "I loved her hair accessories and asked her to custom make a barrette for me. She had two to chose from and I couldn't decide so I bought both! She was a pleasure to deal with. Promptly responding to convos and friendly person! :) I was very pleased."

Collective Elements is a big fan of Lemoncholy's work. She bought four items from her at the Handmade Faire this past April and has this to say about her: "She truly is a talented artist. I wear the dove necklace almost everyday and I always get compliments on it."

Wow! EtsyNJ members really take pride in each other and we take the Handmade Pledge seriously! Way to go team!!

Do you want to support EtsyNJ too? Click here to check out all EtsyNJ members! Did you buy something from EtsyNJ? Do you absolutely love it and want to share it with the world wide web? Simply send a convo to Made By Melissa and we'll feature it and your shop link on our blog!


Anonymous said...

wow! awesome purchases. Love the items by Lemoncholys, but everything is delicious!

Becca said...

Great stuff!! This team is so talented :) Come visit me for the holiday season~ type Jersey girl into note to seller and I'll give you free NJ shipping!!!!