Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Featured Artist - Nifty Pear

Who are you? Well, I'm Megan. graphic designer, artist, business owner, working stiff, wife and friend.

What is your Etsy Shop Name/link? Nifty Pear http://niftypear.etsy.com

What tag categories do you specialize in? My two main tags are paper goods and weddings. I design stationery, cards, invitations and fun stuff for showers.

Do you create for children or adults, women or men? I've got something for everyone. My stationery items are for men or women of all varieties, but my bridal stuff is all women. I make personalized invitations, scratch off games and advice cards for showers.

What do you like about Etsy? Oh goodness, what's not to like? It's connected me with some amazing people, is a great way to make an amazing web presence with minimal cost and there's a built-in customer base. It's perfect for starting out a business and learning the ropes. And it grows with your business too.

Where do you find inspiration for your products? For my note cards, I'm inspired by nature. Colors and shapes that I see everywhere around me when I'm outdoors. Nature is the ultimate artist. But for my invitations, it's about relationships. Parties are about people, so I choose imagery that signifies something, or is a common element to the theme of the party.

What do you love about your business? Working on my own terms is my most favorite part of owning a business. Unlike my day job, I'm not at the whim of a struggling corporation. Nifty Pear is all mine and I am responsible for its success or it's failure. I guess that means I like being in control... but I'm not a control freak or anything.

What is your favorite product right now? I love creating things that make someone's event extra special. Custom orders are my favorite and the invites are particularly fun. Also, my Victorian bridal scratch off game is really popular right now.

What makes you unique at Etsy? I offer fully customizable stationery and invitations at an affordable price. All of my papers are 100% recycled and high quality so I'm supporting an eco-friendly economy while being stylish. Customer service is a big deal too. I communicate with my customers, answer
questions quickly and let them know where their order is every step of the way.

What other street teams are you a member of? Etsy Weddings

What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create? I'm on trunkt, indiepublic, mintd, myspace and facebook

I simply love Nify Pear's birth announcement cards and I wish I had seen them a year ago when my son was born!

Her bridal rose pens are a great idea and would find many uses at a bridal shower or wedding.


Megan Macijauskas said...

Thank you for featuring me! How fun :)

webmavennj said...

Nifty Pear items are so unique and beautiful. I was disappointed that she couldn't make it to the Handmade Faire. Ah well, maybe next time.

Susan said...


As a fellow "paper person" I love your work. It's pretty and tasteful.



Becca said...

Megan's work is beautiful!! She is another very talented new jersey gal :)

Megan Macijauskas said...

Hi Webmavennj, I was at the Handmaid Faire. I was in the front room, and it was a blast :)
It was my first show ever and I was a little afraid to leave my table, so I didn't meet very many people.
Hopefully we'll meet next year!
-Megan (Nifty Pear)