Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pinkish Green!!

Etsy treasuries don't last long, but we think our team treasuries are worth remembering for a long time. Here's a treasury of pink and green that ShutterKate created.

TOKENS Pearls and Copper Earrings by Catrocks

Raspberry Peony Blossom Hair Clip by katylua

Metallic Mohair Scarflette by TheSpinningHand

Altered vintage train case by Lemoncholy's

Pinky Lime Wrist Warmers by Shutterkate

Maya Earrings by AntiGenre

Pink and Green Lampwork Bracelet by KatLambrix

Pretty In Pink Shawl by Happiknits

Pink/Green Paisley Ribbon Belt by PurpleLicious

Walk in the Roses - do not Fear the Thorns Print by AbbieRoad

Darling Buds - Spinning/Felting Glitzy Batts by stickyfingers

Posy Flower Pin in Heather Bailey Freshcut Colors by polkadotcreations

Do you like Pink? Click here: EtsyNJ has pink
Perhaps green is more your style... click here: EtsyNJ has green
Or, if you would rather have them both together in one item, then click here: EtsyNJ combines pink and green

Happy Shopping!!!


Ali said...

ohh such a pretty color and lots to chose from EtsyNJ

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great items as usual everyone! The Garden State should be renamed the Crafty State!

AbbieRoad said...

Thanks for including my artwork! Love the pink/green theme!

Anonymous said...

Love the color combination! I also vote for calling NJ the Crafty State...

Thanks for showcasing my earrings!

marci said...

Great idea to recap the group's treasuries.

It's good to be back in Jersey - even if it is cold. :)