Monday, October 29, 2007

EtsyNJ Members Costumecon Entries

I'm sure you all know about Etsy's Costumecon contest, if not, read about it here, and of course, EtsyNJ is representing!

Crimsonseadragon has this adorable Oregon Trail Costume modelled by her daughter:

Hoolyghans has a very good natured Bearded Dragon named Chompers who loves Etsy!!

Good luck to both Crimsonseadreagon and Hoolyghans! And Happy Halloween to everyone!

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Ali said...

Very cute & good luck! They are so original too!

Hooly said...

Thanks for featuring my guy!!! He's such a trooper

jewelryforfun said...

Good luck to both of you. Great costumes.

erenia said...

Ahh so sweet of you to put Linda up there, I didn't check my mail all day, I was not feeling well but this makes it so much better now!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

Hahahahahaha Chompers is aweseome! Long ago, I almost bought a bearded dragon and I regret never getting one. But apparently mine wouldnt have been as cool as that one. Great job!